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Reputation Management and Transparency

Andy Beal about Reputation Management and Transparency – Interviewed by Martin Brossman Click on the > to hear this show.

51.15 min. long high quality stereo – File size 48 meg. Key topics of this podcast: What does Transparency in Business mean? Dealing with a reputation assault on the web Transparency and how it [...]

Networking In The South

An interview with Gary Davis speaker and author of Networking In The South by Martin Brossman * The value of small talk and the weather. * How these ideas can apply to all business networking. * What does & does not work while networking in the South. Click on the > to hear this show. [...]

LinkedIn as a Business Resource

“Let’s Connect: Using LinkedIn to get ahead at work“, a new book about using Linkedin. by Ajay Jain from New Delhi, the capital of India by Martin Brossman In interview with the author of how to use effectively. Click on the > to hear this show.

File size 19 meg high quality stereo [...]

Sharon Hill on Eating Etiquette

An Interview with Sharon Hill on Eating Etiquette “Think you are too good to focus on etiquette? Think this soft and fluffy stuff is not important and does not apply to you? Well, think again, my friend. Your host at a formal dinner could consider you unsophisticated and uncouth if you use the wrong fork [...]

Linkedin For Your Career

A live recording of Martin Brossman’s presentation to a job seekers group about using This is a useful presentation not only for job seekers but anyone wanting a fundamental understanding of the utility of, the on-line business networking community. Click on the > to hear it play.

File size 28 meg stereo [...]