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Sales as a Profession

The process of creating Sales as a distinguished profession and how it relates to The United Professional Sales Association (UPSA). A special addition extended podcast with a short presentation by Martin Brossman and an extensive interview with Brian Lambert on what it takes to distinguish sales as a profession and the value of pursuing that [...]

Speaking With Authority with Linda Shields

Martin Brossman interviews Linda Shields about how to enhance your effectiveness with your voice. “Linda Shields is a speech pathologist, career-saving voice coach, keynote speaker and the president of Speaking With Authority, Inc. She has extensive media experience and connects with people in a real and personal way. Linda enlightens and entertains with eye-opening “oh [...]

An Interview with John O’Connor – What Salary do I ask for?

An Interview with John O’Connor What Salary do I ask for? What do I ask for in a salary when job hunting? What should I consider? How do I find out what the employer will pay? These questions and more will be answered in today’s show. Click on the > to hear it play.


Sharon Hill on Eating Etiquette

An Interview with Sharon Hill on Eating Etiquette “Think you are too good to focus on etiquette? Think this soft and fluffy stuff is not important and does not apply to you? Well, think again, my friend. Your host at a formal dinner could consider you unsophisticated and uncouth if you use the wrong fork [...]

Linkedin For Your Career

A live recording of Martin Brossman’s presentation to a job seekers group about using This is a useful presentation not only for job seekers but anyone wanting a fundamental understanding of the utility of, the on-line business networking community. Click on the > to hear it play.

File size 28 meg stereo [...]